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High density chitosan
English name: Chitosan
Alias: soluble chitin, shell sugar glucosamine, chitosan, chitosan.
Properties: white, non-toxic, tasteless, translucent amorphous solid, soluble in acid,insoluble in water and alkali, is not soluble in common organic solvents.
Function and role: Chitosan is unique in nature "with a positive charge of the natural active products", as in addition to carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, according to the viscosityof different widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, leather, paint, cigarettes, plastics,cosmetics, food, fodder, medicine, health, color film, paper, bio-engineering, agriculture,plant protection, sewage treatment and other fields. Especially due to the natural activity ofchitosan and non-toxic side effects, have a good affinity for the human body can chelate heavy metals, adjust PH value of the human body, immune cells to enhance the quality and quantity, and strengthen liver function, improve digestive function fat, lowering blood sugar, inhibitingtumor metastasis, and adsorption and complexation of heavy metals and can be excreted, and so on, is vigorously applied to health food and drug additives. Minerals other than "human sixth element of life" in the body's physiological activities play a very important role.

Quality indicators:

Chitosan High density project
Appearance light yellow powder
Deacetylation% ≥ 90,95
Moisture% ≤ 8.0
Ash% ≤ 1.0
Viscosity mpa.s ≤ 100
Arsenic ppm (as As) ≤ 0.5
Heavy metals ppm (as Pb) ≤ 10
Bulk density g / ml ≥ 0.6,0.7
Total number of colonies of bacteria cfu / g ≤ 1000
E. coli cfu / g ≤ 30
Salmonella not detected
Packaging cardboard drum, 25 kg per barrel; packaging according to customer requirements
The company can provide for different customer requirements> 80%, 90%, 95% high purity degree of deacetylation of chitosan, but also specialized organizations for the production of different customers viscosity of different molecular weight chitosan (average molecular weight of 20,000 -100 million)