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Low molecular weight chitosan

Traits like white or yellowish powder

Properties and uses of a chitin derivative is chitosan. The chemical structure of cationic polymer with a basic polysaccharide polymer, is the only positively charged nature, cation of dietary fiber; with the physical properties and stability, good solubility, hydrophilic moisture absorption, biodegradability, bio-phase capacitive and film, adhesion, permeability and other physical and chemical properties. Especially due to the natural activity of chitosan and non-toxic side effects, have a good affinity for the human body, the body can promote the synthesis and secretion of a large number of immune globulin antibodies, regulate to improve human immunity; adsorption of toxins from the body, harmful elements pigment and radiation ; chelating the body of harmful heavy metal ions such as lead, mercury, cadmium, with metabolites excreted; adjust PH value of the human body, immune cells to enhance the quality and quantity, activation of normal body cells; promote the secretion of male and female hormones; inhibition of lipid The formation of peroxides, anti-aging; suppression of cancer metastasis; strengthen liver function, regulating blood lipids, blood glucose, blood pressure and other functions, which are widely used in health food and drug additives. By the EU, the United States, China, Japan, Russia and other countries, medical experts necessary for human life and reputation of its protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, minerals, nutrients tied for the sixth five elements of life. Generally refers to low molecular weight chitosan molecular weight of 1-5 million Doyle, low molecular weight under the action of gastric juice in the body more easily absorbed by the body, absorption rate in the high molecular weight chitosan in blood pressure, lipids conditioning better.

In addition, according to the different viscosity of chitosan is also widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, leather, paint, cigarettes, plastics, cosmetics, food, feed, medicine, health, color film, paper, bio-engineering, agricultural crop protection, sewage treatment and other fields.

Low molecular weight chitosan Quality standards

Appearance Appearance white or light yellow powder White or Yellow Powder

Appearance Appearance of thd Solution solution colorless


Water Water Content ≤ 10%

Viscosity Viscosity ≤ 12cps

Deacetylation DAC ≥ 85

PH value of 7.0-9.0

Ash ≤ 1.0%

Fineness (mesh) Particle Size 60-80

Heavy metals Heavy Metals <10ppm

Arsenic Arsenic <1ppm

Total number of bacteria Total Plate Count <1000cuf / g

Yeast, mold Yeast & Mold Negative

Salmonella Sslmonella Negative

No odor Odour Odourless

The company can provide for different customer requirements> 80%, 90%, 95% high purity degree of deacetylation of chitosan, but also specialized organizations for the production of different customers viscosity of different molecular weight chitosan (average molecular weight of 20,000 -100 million)