Cosmetic Grade Carboxymethyl Chitosan



Pharmaceutical grade carboxymethyl chitosan



Food grade carboxymethyl chitosan

Carboxymethyl chitosan (also known as sodium carboxymethyl chitosan)
English name: Carboxymethylchitin
Properties: white or slightly yellow, amorphous powder. Instant water, aqueous solution is clear and stable.
Function and role: is chitosan, carboxymethyl chitosan, senior derivatives, are prepared fromnatural marine chitosan by carboxylation modification is made, compared with chitin and chitosan, its physical, chemical properties are optimized, with the water-soluble, film forming and strong chelation of heavy metals and moisture, moisturizing, conditioning, antibacterialand other functions. This natural and completely non-toxic products in medical care, industrial and agricultural fields have shown a very favorable characteristics. Has been widely used inbody lotion, shower gel, face cream, mousse, high-grade cream, lotion and other advancedcosmetic additives, heavy metals and chelating agents, drug delivery agents, plant growthagents, food, fruit and vegetable moisturizer, preservative, non-toxic adhesives, printing and dyeing, paper making additives, industrial wastewater treatment and other aspects. Medicalinsurance as a key product, carboxymethyl chitosan retains a series of chitosan on human healthbenefits, but also with chitosan astringency do not have no more favorable to human health and other characteristics. After oral administration, is converted, degraded into low molecular weight substances, absorbed by the body, the better.