Agriculture-specific chitooligosaccharides



Feed-specific chitooligosaccharides



Ordinary food grade chitosan oligosaccharide

Agriculture-specific chitooligosaccharides
English name: Chitosan oligosaccharide
Properties: yellow or light yellow powder, water instant, clear and transparent liquid
Function and role:
Agricultural chitooligosaccharides, also known as amino-oligosaccharides plant hormone, is based on plant growth, using a unique formula produced from biotechnology.
Chitooligosaccharides itself is rich in C, N, can be broken down by microorganisms used asplant growth nutrients.
Chitooligosaccharides can change the soil microflora and promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms and inhibit some plant pathogens.
Chitooligosaccharides can stimulate plant growth, increase the harvest of crops and fruits and vegetables.
Chitooligosaccharides can induce plant disease resistance, for a variety of fungi, bacteria and viruses and kill immune effect on the wheat mosaic virus, verticillium wilt of cotton, rice blast, tomato late blight and other diseases with good control the role.
Meanwhile, a variety of plant pathogens chitooligosaccharides with a certain degree of directinhibition.
Chitosan oligosaccharide can effectively improve fruit and vegetable production, pest control,soil and bio-fertilizer proliferation of beneficial bacteria, known as the pesticide is not apesticide, fertilizer is not a fertilizer, chitooligosaccharides double-effect of this drug the special role of fat determines its wide application in agriculture.
Chitooligosaccharides in agriculture applications with trace (PPM level), high efficiency, low cost, pollution-free characteristics, the development of China's agricultural sustainability is important.
Currently, the company's agricultural production has been dedicated chitooligosaccharides a large area in our country to promote the application of the sustainable development of agriculture in China is important.