Feed-specific chitooligosaccharides





Agriculture-specific chitooligosaccharides

Feed-specific chitooligosaccharides
English name: Chitosan oligosaccharide
Properties: yellow or light yellow powder, water instant, clear and transparent liquid
Function and role:
Chitooligosaccharides in the feed additive has the following features and functions:
1 oligosaccharides on the growth of farmed animals has a significant role in promoting dietarychitooligosaccharides help improve breeding animal intestinal structure and improve digestivefunction, and promote nutrient absorption and animal growth and nutrition, animal breeding to improve weight gain and feed conversion ratio and survival rate of breeding animals.
(2) oligosaccharides can increase non-specific immunity in mammals, oligosaccharides withcertain toxins, viruses, and eukaryotic cell surface binding, binding of oligosaccharides asexogenous antigen additives, can slow the absorption of antigens time, increase the potency of antigen, antibody levels to improve the body, and promote macrophage phagocytosis, increase the body resistance to infection, immune response involved in regulating the body's inflammatory response and sputum
3 regulating animal gastrointestinal absorption, optimize the digestive tract microflora to speed up body metabolism, enhance the comprehensive animal body, to promote rapid growth and development of animals.
4 increase appetite and promote the effective absorption of nutrients, improve farmingproductivity, is a green environmental protection feed additive.